CEO and Co-founder 

Ed is focused on delivering high impact business outcomes for their clients. Ed’s engaging style fosters a collaborative environment by tapping into the vast experiences of our team and valued partners. Ed is responsible for constantly and consistently inspiring innovation and exploring new technologies and approaches that enable clients to transform their business and achieve their strategic objectives. As an accomplished professional, Ed has lead & co owned two international and highly successful IT Solution Providers. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business from GMI Engineering and Management Institute in Flint, Michigan. “Anyone can deliver high impact business outcomes. We want to go beyond that. Our team and partners have a vast wealth of experience we can tap into to be innovative. With new technologies and new approaches, we can achieve our clients’ strategic objectives, but more than that, we can transform their business.” – Ed Vos

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Executive Vice President and Co-founder

In his role as Executive Vice President and Co Founder, Chris is focused on leading the overall sales and growth strategy for Mindful Experience. Chris’s proven ability at large deal creation and outside the box thinking has led to many large successful project across North America and the Caribbean. Chris has had an accomplished sales career and held multiple executive roles including Chief Innovation Officer, and Global Vice President of Canadian Organizations. His leadership style is one of leading by example, and by providing the utmost support to those around him. Chris and team created the name, Mindful Experience and feel it is a perfect fit in our ever changing world of Information Technology; “I want to be Mindful of our customers and their business problems, Mindful of our staff and their work environment, and Mindful of our key partnerships that we need to be an all encompassing solutions provider” – Chris Carbone

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Vice President, Professional Services and Operations

As the Vice President of Professional Services and Operations, Michelle is responsible for overseeing the delivery of all projects and ensuring that our commitment to excellence is executed. Michelle’s infectious attitude, intense focus and ability to extract the best from her teammates are what make her an exceptional leader. She is a dedicated individual who’s effective and concise communication skills serve her well when orchestrating and executing her time-tested winning approach. Throughout her career, Michelle has demonstrated her capacity to direct large teams across Canada. In her past role as Director of Sales Operations, Michelle was responsible for developing and implementing sales, strategy, marketing, pre-sales, contract management, and project delivery. Trained in Risk Management, Michelle is a work flow specialist, and a goal oriented leader with proven success. Her designations include; a B.A.A Business and Computer Information Management, Minor in Business Communication & Cert in Telecommunications, Ryerson; and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management, York University.

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